Our Partial Care (PHP) Drug Rehab Program

best-PHP-drug-rehab-Austin-Texas-for-drug-and-alcohol-addiction-treatment-centersOur PHP drug rehab program in Austin is for more serious alcohol or substance use disorders. Known as a PHP or Partial Care Program, patients choose to live in a sober living home or live at home while receiving treatment services at our facility five days a week.

PHP gives our therapists more dedicated, personal time to work with you. This can help bridge your treatment to our Intensive Outpatient Program: the next, less restrictive option if you show progress. PHP essentially acts as a transition between full-time hospitalization and outpatient care. It includes numerous benefits that make PHP a popular choice for substance abuse recovery. We will work closely with you to educate you on the benefits of each type of treatment and to determine if PHP is the right fit.

Are you a Fit for our PHP Drug Rehab?

Oakvine’s PHP drug rehab Austin team will make each treatment decision on an individualized basis for patients. As we create your recovery program, we’ll determine if PHP makes sense for you because:

  • Your condition does not require the stringency of a residential program or in-patient care, but at the same time, you would likely benefit from a more programmed schedule than you would receive at an outpatient program.
  • You have already participated in a detox, residential, or in-patient program and are able to participate in your community while continuing treatment.
  • You recently completed your rehab program but might want additional mental health counseling and a stable environment.
  • You experienced a more severe addiction or an overdose, which means you may be at higher risk of relapsing.

We know from experience that every patient experiences recovery from substance abuse in different ways. There may be other factors to consider for your treatment type, including concurrent psychiatric conditions, family history with substance abuse, and your lifestyle. We also note that your belief in the drug and alcohol treatment is critical to your success.

What are Typical PHP Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatments?

Some of the standard Partial Care Program treatments that Oakvine provides include:

  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Relapse prevention skills
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Holistic therapies, including pet, art, music, yoga, and kickboxing therapies
  • Medication Assisted Treatment

The Benefits of a PHP Program for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Partial hospitalization programs offered by the best IOP drug rehabs Austin Texas

Oakvine focuses on the following areas to help patients not only achieve long-term sobriety, but also comprehensive health and wellness:

  • Group Therapy. A hallmark of virtually any substance abuse program, group therapy lets you share experiences with others who have experienced similar recoveries. It’s an invaluable opportunity to give support, receive support, ask questions, and learn and share your feelings.
  • Individual Therapy. Oakvine’s counselors are experienced in helping you identify unhealthy behaviors, maintain abstinence, and process your emotions. PHP allows you to meet with a counselor on a schedule that works for you.
  • Group Counseling. Different than our Group Therapy offering, this focuses on skill development at the group level. It’s common in recovery that individuals have lost some touch with their social systems prior to addiction, so we focus on coping skills, stress management, relapse prevention, life skills, recreational activities and team building—all with a supportive group.
  • Family Counseling. Reactions to substance abuse from family members can run the gamut, from anger to confusion. In response, we created education programs for your family to address their reactions in an honest and healthy way, and work together with all of you to create the most beneficial support system.

The Mental Health Benefits of our PHP Drug Rehab Program

There are numerous benefits to our PHP programs in Austin. We especially love it because we feel strongly about our patients continuing to spend time with their families, assuming the families are supportive of your recovery process. When possible, we look to prevent isolation from your loved ones. Many patients with a history of substance abuse also suffer from psychiatric conditions that likely contributed to the abuse.

A healthy support system that alleviates your stress and anxiety is often the best solution. At the same time, Oakvine’s therapists also teach your family communication and coping skills to help you return effectively to everyday life.

Start Our Program Today

Oakvine Recovery Center works tirelessly for your sobriety. Whether you’re a fit for a Partial Care Program (PHP) or another option, we’ll find the personalized approach that delivers the most effective recovery. Call us at or contact us to get started.