What are Holistic Treatments?

Traditionally, treatment for substance use disorders, depression, and PTSD focused on the mental health, or psychological aspects of the patient. Holistic treatments believe the context of the whole person is what matters, adding the physical and spiritual contexts to the psychological ones.

For the physical aspect, counselors want to help the patient achieve physical well-being by addressing the physical effects of the disorder. Similarly, holistic counselors believe that spiritual well-being can help improve your mind, body and soul. Holistic treatment believes that optimal health can be achieved by creating the proper balance in your life.

Oakvine offers Masters-level counselors who take a holistic approach to your recovery, addressing the entire you to create a customized treatment program.

What are the Principles of Holistic Treatment?

There are four traditional principles that Oakvine follows:

  1. You have your own healing powers within that can help you recover.
  2. Each patient is a fully realized person rather than simply a disease to treat.
  3. Proper recovery involves all aspects of a patient’s life: you, your doctor and/or therapist, and all your relationships.
  4. We don’t try to make your symptoms disappear, but instead focus on their root cause.

What Types of Holistic Treatments do you Offer?

Oakvine has found several helpful holistic therapies in our experience working with patients. For your customized treatment, we may offer:

  • Yoga and kickboxing therapy. Particularly helpful for depression and anxiety, exercise therapy can fill the gaps for patients for whom cognitive behavioral therapy or pharmacotherapy may not be the best answers. We have found that these programs help focus your mind on recovery, improve your mood, set goals, and maintain healthier daily schedules
  • Art therapy. We believe art therapy can have an amazingly positive effect on mental health. The philosophy behind art therapy is that fostering your creative side can help you become more self-aware, explore new ways to communicate, boost morale, and develop new ways to cope with stressors. We consider creating your own art or viewing and discussing the art of peers. Patients might draw, paint, sculpt or create collages. This treatment can benefit those suffering from substance use disorder, depression, or trauma, and might be used in combination with other behavioral therapies.
  • Music therapy. Oakvine often considers this treatment for emotional health issues such as depression and trauma. Our certified music therapists help patients create their own music or produce the music of others, which we refer to as the creative process, or instead employ the receptive process of listening to music, either individually or in a group, and then discussing your feelings about that music. Depending on your unique condition, we may use music therapy to improve mood, provide a distraction, or enhance communication skills.
  • Nutritional therapy. Whether your symptoms are physical, mental, emotional, or some combination thereof, nutritional therapy takes the approach that one of the root causes of these issues is a nutritional shortcoming. Our skilled therapists take a highly personalized, holistic, and evidence-based approach to each patient’s nutrition. We provide education and techniques to help you determine what nutritional plan can restore balance to your body—and your outlook.

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