IOP Drug Rehabs in Austin Texas

When seeking the best IOP drug rehabs in Austin Texas, there are several things to consider. An intensive outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation program should be part of a continuum of care. No part of addiction treatment is bigger than the whole. The length of the program can vary depending upon an individual’s needs.

How our IOP Drug Rehabs Austin Texas Facility Works

The intensive outpatient rehabilitation process is where an individual will visit a treatment center 3 times a week for about 8 weeks. However, programs can last for 9 to 15 hours per week and can last as long as 90-days. If someone is attending our program for more than 20 hours per week, we typically refer to this as our Partial Care or PHP Program.

This is one of the most flexible rehabilitation programs in addiction treatment. However, it does come with a lot of trust and responsibility. While you will primarily be in a group setting, individual counseling should also be available. Some programs provide job assistance and help with legal issues (ours do).

This important part of the addiction treatment process should be flexible, but also structured to help achieve long-term sobriety. Oakvine’s addiction treatment process follows our unique 3-stage outpatient substance abuse program pathway. Sometimes individuals can attend opiate or alcohol detox centers in the Austin area and go straight into an IOP program. However, this depends on the individual and their evaluation.

How is our Intensive Outpatient IOP Drug Rehabs Austin Texas  Rehabilitation Center Different?

IOP-drug-rehabs-austin-texas-for-substance-abuse-rehabilitation-centersFrom the time you enter the doors of our IOP drug rehab in Austin Texas, you know you made the right decision. The professionally qualified substance abuse staff is completely focused on giving you the gift of long-term recovery. Initially you will meet with our Medical Director for a detailed evaluation. It is here that you will share with the Doctor many different aspects of your addiction. With that critical information, the Physician and your therapist will outline a detailed recovery program.

The intensive outpatient program is eight weeks in length and meets three times per week. Each of these sessions are approximately 3 hours in length. During that time, our clients meet in their groups and address:

  • Drug and alcohol addiction treatment education
  • Relapse prevention strategies
  • Learn about co-dependency
  • Skills building activities
  • 12-step groups
  • Family group sessions

Oakvine Recovery Center takes a holistic approach and provides trauma-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. When seeking help for you or a loved one, we work tirelessly to be regarded as are one of the best choices in Austin Texas. We are primarily for individuals that are suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. However, we understand that at the center of most addiction issues are co-occurring disorders. Many of our clients have a dual diagnosis and our staff is experienced in providing the highest level of care.

What are some IOP Addiction Treatment Components?

Components at intensive outpatient alcohol addiction treatment centers.

The IOP level of care is primarily for individuals with less than severe drug and alcohol addiction problems. Group therapy is the main component in the intensive outpatient program.

  • Individual Drug Counseling – As a part of our intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program, you are assigned an individual counselor and case management worker. This addiction professional is credentialed and experienced in substance abuse. It is here where you will be addressing the co-occurring disorders that are triggering your addiction. This is a judgement-free zone with a guide to effectively deal with any issues.
  • Group Counseling – This is an essential component in the addiction treatment process at Oakvine’s IOP drug rehabs Austin center. This is why it is important to ask any treatment center you are interested in attending: “what is the age group of group counseling sessions?” You want to be sure that they are as close as possible to your age and types of drugs used. Sharing common experiences and situations plays a big role in the effectiveness of addiction treatment. For instance, if the center is known for treating teens, it’s probably not a good fit for a 50-year-old male. It is here that new and meaningful relationships will be built. These come as a result of openly sharing struggles and being held accountable. Here you realize you are not alone. The support and feedback are critical in this stage.
  • Educational Lectures – As with our outpatient drug rehabs Austin Texas program, educational lectures are in every stage of the process. It is here that you get answers on why and how you got to where you are. You will understand: “why can’t I stop doing drugs or alcohol?” Through these lectures you will get a clear understanding of addiction and how it affects the body and mind.
  • 12-Step Facilitation – Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous combined with drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs show higher success rates. Getting involved with these 12-Step programs has helped many individuals achieve long-term sobriety. Working the steps starts with 90 meetings in 90-days. Here you learn the key factors in life with surrender, acceptance, and active involvement with a peer support group.

What Should I Expect During Substance Abuse Treatment?

When attending our intensive outpatient IOP drug rehabs Austin Texas addiction treatment program, you will get all of the above and much more. Our highly qualified staff is vested in seeing you achieve all of your recovery goals.

Besides the guidance and coaching there are several key componence that allow you to concentrate on getting started. Drug and alcohol addiction have pulled you away from many things in life. During the intensive outpatient process, you will also receive:

  • Individual counseling
  • Psychiatric evaluations and screenings
  • A long-term treatment plan
  • Case management by credentialed and experienced case managers
  • Job search assistance
  • Assistance in clearing up legal issues

Will I be Drug Tested while Attending IOP Drug Rehabs?

You can expect to be tested when you first enter Oakvine’s IOP drug rehab and tested again only if relapse is suspected. This is a normal procedure and not intended to catch someone using drugs or alcohol. It is a procedure that ensures everyone is adhering to the requirements of the program. It is setup to protect all the members of the IOP drug rehab program against anyone that continues to misuse drugs or alcohol. It is also in place to assist in knowing whether someone needs a higher level of care.

What Is the Goal of Intensive Outpatient IOP Programs?

The IOP drug rehabs Austin Texas addiction treatment program is focused on several key goals. These all play a critical role in the addiction treatment and recovery process.

  • #1 goal is maintaining complete abstinence
  • Positive changes in behavior
  • Participation in 12-Step support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Effectively dealing with psychosocial problems like sober living, employment issues, and any legal issues
  • Establishing and building a positive support system
  • Learning how to come up with and utilize effective problem-solving skills

What Happens After Completing the IOP Drug Rehabs Austin Texas Program?

Completing the IOP drug rehabs Austin Texas program is a time for celebration. You made it through much of the difficult process and have many of the tools needed for long-term recovery. After this milestone, you will meet with your individual counselor and mutually discuss the next step. Here are some of the recommendation our clients have received after completing our intensive outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

  • Maintain an outpatient level of care
  • A weekly or monthly meeting with a credentialed therapist or psychologist
  • Alumni meetings
  • Continued 12-Step meetings
  • Phone interviews discussing problems and issues
  • GED, getting back into college, or vocational training
  • Family therapy

These are just some of the ways our clients have progressed. Yours could be one of these or a combination of these; it depends on your individualized needs. At this stage you have learned that addiction is a life-long disease. Preventing relapse requires work. There are many ways in staying motivated and seeing the early warning signs of relapse.

Our Drug Rehabs in Austin Texas Does More than Educate

Our IOP drug rehabs in Austin Texas staff have worked hard on providing useful information. We hope we have explained our IOP drug rehabs Austin Texas addiction treatment program. We are here when you are ready,. If you are sick and tired of addiction controlling your life we can help.

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol addiction is powerful and you can’t fight this battle alone. You need the tools, education ,and careful guidance that we are dedicated to providing. Give our staff a call now at (877) 255-6890 or email our IOP drug rehabs Austin facility. Start living your life again. Go ahead take that first step.