9 Warning Signs You Are an Alcoholic

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Alcoholism can be a very complex disease. The dependency on liquor can give you a false sense that alcohol is all you need. It begins to trick you into thinking that you don’t need your family and friends.

15 million people in the United States struggle with some form of an alcohol disorder. The dependency on alcohol may be more common than you think.

If you find yourself struggling with alcohol it may be time to get help. Here are a few signs you are an alcoholic.

1) Placing Drinking Before Responsibilities

Drinking when you know you have commitments the next day has happened to most people. It’s when you begin to neglect important responsibilities that drinking is a problem. When you have a drink instead of going to that big meeting.

If drinking has begun to take over important moments in your life you need to reach out for help. Alcohol should never be consumed instead of an important responsibility.

While drinking may seem like a temporary fix to a situation, it is only temporary. This is one of many signs that indicates dependency.

2) Distance and Isolation From Family and Friends

Have you canceled plans with friends to drink at home? Do you find yourself neglecting relationships because of alcohol? Are you tired of hearing people question your decisions?

Distance and isolation are an indication that decency is occurring. You may feel shame for drinking so much. It could also pose itself in feeling annoyed by their questions.

Isolation from friends and family members is a sign that you’re struggling with a problem.

3) Using Alcohol to Combat Stress

Have you been reaching for the bottle every time a stressful situation arises? Do you find that drinking is your best form of taking that away? If you find that this is a yes it may mean trouble.

Alcohol can give you a temporary escape from your surroundings. It allows you to forget your worries for a moment.

Only, every time that crash fades you’re right back in your problems. Using alcohol to temporarily distract from them does not fix them. Instead, alcohol can lead you to bigger issues.

4) Secrecy Drinking

Have you found that when you’re drinking you’re hiding it? Do you sneak a drink here and there? This is a sign that you have a problem.

Hiding drinks from friends and family indicates wrong behavior. This shows that you believe you’re doing something concerning. That your family members are going to question your behavior.

The more you find yourself doing this the stronger your need is to talk to someone. If you’re sneaking a drink and hiding it, it may be time to reach out and talk to a professional.

5) Extreme Mood Swings When Not Drinking

Mood swings are another sign that there may be a dependency. If you’re finding that your moods rapidly change when you haven’t had alcohol this is a sign. Mood swings that are alcohol-dependent are not normal.

A drinking problem shows itself as an imbalance. When you’re drinking you don’t have full control of your emotions. If you aren’t drinking, you crave that release from emotion.

This is where the mood swings can come from. It’s a craving for the inhabitant that alcohol is.

6) Trading Crowd Around You for Alcohol

Have you switched the friends that you hang out with lately? Did you decide that the crowd that better suits you is the one who drinks more?

If you find that your friend group has changed around alcohol this could be cause for alarm. This means that the substance is dictating your friend group. If you find this happening it may be time to evaluate your choices.

signs of alcoholism can present themselves in many different ways. One of those is by discouraging you from your friend group.

7) Hangover Feeling When Not Drinking

Alcoholism symptoms present themselves in different ways. One of those is withdrawal. Shaking, insomnia, and rapid heartbeat are signs of this.

Your body learns to be dependent on the substance. Alcohol becomes a need rather than a want.

Having what feels like a hangover when you haven’t been drinking is a sign of trouble. This means that your body expects you to be drinking. This happens when you abuse liquor.

8) Short-Term Memory Loss and Blackouts

Short-term memories and missing time are both alcoholism signs. This happens when the brain is being impaired by alcohol.

If you’re experiencing a loss of time you should consult help. Problems like this can hinder your ability to drive. It can also cause you to have trouble working.

Alcohol hinders the brain’s ability to function correctly. If this has you wondering the question, “do I have a drinking problem?” it’s time to consult a professional.

9) Increased Alcohol Tolerance

Have you noticed that it takes more alcohol to achieve that feeling of intoxicated? Do you find yourself surprised by just how much you drank? This is a sign that all is not okay.

As your tolerance expands your need to drink more to achieve that feeling increases. Your body begins to get used to moderate amounts of liquor in your system.

Your drinking escape is not as easily achieved as it once was. Your call for concern is valid. You have become accustomed to drinking more than an average amount.

These Are a Few Signs You Are an Alcoholic

Alcoholism can present itself in numerous ways. If you’re seeing these signs it may be time for concern. Overuse of alcohol is a problem.

If the signs you are an alcoholic are there, professional help is needed. Alcoholism is a serious disease. There is help if you are struggling.

For more information reach out for help. There are options to change your behavior.